When your teen struggles with mental illness, substance use or process disorders, Ascend Healthcare’s teen program offers solutions. You don’t have to find solutions for everything yourself. Our experts understand what teens are struggling with, and are in a unique position to help.

A Teen Program That Yields Results

teen treatment program, four teens playfully taking a selfieAlmost all teens want to fit in. They yearn for acceptance from peers, authority figures, and parents. They try to fix this aspect of the adolescent’s needs. Our teen treatment program guides adolescents through a holistic lens that identifies and streamlines relationships with all of these different social influences. 

In our teen program, we take a comprehensive approach. Ascend Healthcare does not automatically assume that your teen is running with the wrong crowd. We don’t blame academic failure on the teen, instead, we talk to the adolescent directly to figure out what is going on. We customize a caring approach that meets the individual’s unique needs.

Evidence-Based Teen Treatment Programs Makes the Difference

At the heart of our teen program is evidence-based care therapy. It has a long history of helping others overcome substance abuse and mental health issues. Some examples of therapies offered at our California teen program include:

  • Behavioral therapeutic interventions that counteract emotional disturbances and dysfunctional coping patterns
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as anxiety or body image abuse
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a process that helps to decrease triggers in teens lives, or help decrease responses to emotional triggers
  • Psychotherapy as a tool for developing healthy coping skills, life skills, and social abilities
  • Group therapies to practice functional peer interactions

We also offer experiential approaches to healing. Experiential therapies offered include art therapy, drama therapy, equine therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy, surf therapy, and more. The goal is to provide multiple avenues of self-expression for adolescents. Moreover, the use of different alternative treatments appeals to the mind, body, and spirit. 

Family Therapy is a Required Component of Our Program

Teens need a support system after residential care. Residential treatment programs are not a one-stop-shop to fix all issues within a family system. It is frequently the first and most important effort toward assessing, stabilizing, restructuring and strengthening a teen and a family system around them. What happens after residential treatment is just as important. 

Parents and loved ones are the primary support systems. During our family therapy program, we teach parents how to help adolescents’ progress. Moreover, we help with creating a healing atmosphere that encourages healthy communication at home. The more parents are involved, the better they will be able to be there to help their teens in a healthy and effective manner.  

Enroll in Treatment Today

Don’t wait to connect with our teen treatment center. Mental health and process Substance use, process and mental health disorders are a significant risk to the lives of teenagers and adolescents. They don’t get better all on their own. Instead, they create triggers and stressors that change the course of your teen’s life.

Teen-centered treatment offers a real solution for adolescents and families. Emotional, mental and educational support can help turn around an individual’s life. Find out more about Ascend Healthcare’s teen program by contacting 310.388.3713 now.