Understanding Teenage Benzodiazepine Abuse

Benzodiazepines, also referred to as benzos, are a type of drug that can be very attractive to teenagers. Benzosa group of teens in an Adolescent benzo addiction treatment affect and interact with the brain’s pleasure pathways. By turning on specific receptors while turning others off, the drug has the ability to increase the sensation of pleasure and allows a person to feel outright euphoria. Blending that happy feeling with other relaxing side effects can be unforgettable to young people who feel that they are constantly struggling, and can ultimately lead to uncontrollable cravings. 

Benzodiazepine addiction may be treatable, but the source of the addiction lies in the psychological damage and trauma that drives your teen to seek out this unhealthy coping mechanism. Through adolescent benzo addiction treatment at Ascend, your teen can learn healthy coping skills and strategies to break the cycle of addiction.

Why Adolescent Benzo Addiction Treatment Is Necessary

Benzodiazepine duration and effects can vary widely. These drugs are prescribed for a number of different conditions including anxiety, insomnia, seizures, alcohol withdrawal, and more. Some of the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepines include:

  • Xanax
  • Klonopin
  • Valium
  • Ativan

 The dangers of benzodiazepine abuse range from seizures, comas, and fatal overdoses to long-term effects on brain development that could lead to dementia. Side effects can also include difficulty breathing, confusion, convulsions, and slurred speech. Many of these negative side effects can be permanent to some degree.

Since all benzodiazepines eventually cause a physical dependency, it’s critical to get your teen the guidance and care they need as soon as possible to ensure a safe detoxification process. Our benzodiazepine treatment program in CA can help your teen through unique treatment modalities and a residential facility that caters to their needs. 

Causes Of Teenage Benzodiazepine Abuse

Similar to many other cases of adolescent substance abuse, teenagers use benzodiazepines to cope with negative or uncontrollable feelings. Whether it’s a clinically diagnosed condition like anxiety and depression or more general issues including struggles with identity, pressures from school, or bullying from their peers, adolescents today are dealing with an incredible amount of negativity and stress.

Because benzodiazepines can slow down electrical activity inside the brain, allowing those rapidly firing cells to relax, many teens experience relief from destructive thoughts when they take these drugs. Tackling the underlying issues causing your adolescent’s distress will teach them healthier coping mechanisms and mitigate the need to use drugs to help them feel better.

If you’re concerned that your teen may be abusing benzodiazepines, there are a number of signs and symptoms that you can look for, including the following:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Slurred speech
  • Dulled reaction time
  • Uncoordinated movement
  • Poor concentration or memorization skills

If your teen is exhibiting any of these symptoms, contact Ascend Healthcare for adolescent benzo addiction treatment for more details on symptoms of benzodiazepine abuse.

Adolescent Benzo Addiction Treatment at Ascend Healthcare 

At Ascend, our team has years of experience guiding young adults towards better solutions when dealing with mental health issues and general life obstacles. Our adolescent benzo addiction treatment plans address every aspect of benzodiazepine abuse including:

  • How to wean your teen off benzodiazepines
  • Discussing the underlying causes of their drug abuse
  • Teaching them to manage disappointments and pressure
  • Creating a personalized discharge plan once they finish treatment

We combine a number of treatment modalities to develop the most effective adolescent benzo addiction treatment plan for your teen’s particular situation. As you start the admissions process, our team will delve into their needs with mandatory physical evaluations, psychiatric assessments, and access to their medical records.

From the moment your child enters our benzodiazepine treatment program in CA, we’ll work to make you and your family feel comfortable, accepted, and safe. Reach out to our admissions specialists to learn more about whether we’re the right facility for your teen. Contact Ascend Healthcare at 310.388.3713 today.