Boys Residential Treatment Center

Ascend’s Trails Program is a residential treatment center for adolescent boys ages 12-17 with primary mental health and/or substance use issues. Our clinical approach at Trails is trauma-informed and functions under the premise that most teens struggling with acute mental health disorders have been impacted by a traumatic experience. 

At Trails, we work with clients with varying degrees of trauma, including single event traumas and complex traumas, as well as distressing events like a parent divorce, death of a loved one, or bullying. With an emphasis on eco-therapies, the outdoors, and animal-assisted support, we aim to help our teens draw connections between how their past experiences contribute to their presenting problems and unhealthy ways of coping. Learn more about the Trails treatment facility for boys in CA when you take the virtual tour.

Clients at Trails

Trails clients are struggling with a lack of passion, direction, and motivation for healthy living. These are boys that need a compassionate and nurturing environment with structure and expectations but also the exhilaration of adventure. At the same time as healing underlying issues and teaching new skills, the program at our residential treatment center for boys emphasizes life and how it can be exciting, fun, and active. 

In addition to depression, anxiety, trauma, and mood disorders, Trails clients may also have co-occurring ADHD, device management issues, and/or substance abuse. Due to the significance of the issues presented above, our clients often struggle within their family system. They come from loving homes where relationships have unfortunately been ruptured or impacted by the negative coping mechanism of choice. 

Treatment at Trails

At Trails, we have created an eco-therapy program to support clients in developing more interconnected awareness using positive psychology therapy techniques in conjunction with horticulture, care farming, equine therapies, hiking, and meditation intensives. The clinical team at our treatment facility for boys in CA is exceptional, and our therapists go above and beyond with every case to provide thoughtful, goal-oriented individual and family therapy. Our clients are seen for individual work at least three times per week and private family sessions twice per week. 

Therapy happens all day long at Trails, both passively and actively. We try and make every hour intentional. Clients spend the majority of their day in various group therapies, an important aspect of adolescent treatment where clients can serve as mirrors to one another and challenge each other in ways difficult to achieve in an individual setting. 

Evidence-Based Treatment

This residential treatment center for boys includes a full range of evidenced-based group therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapies, and experiential therapies that range from music and expressive arts to restorative drumming, breathwork, and surf therapy. Even our education program is therapeutic in nature, as clients spend several hours per day changing their relationship with school and enhancing their executive functioning and critical thinking skills with our mindfulness-based learning curriculum. 

Recreational Therapy

To support our clients in staying physically active and helping them develop a better awareness of the mind and body connection, we offer yoga, boxing, aerobics, and martial arts. Our residential treatment center for boys also features a skate park, batting cages, and a putting green to teach our kids that downtime doesn’t always need to happen in front of a screen. 

Ascend decided to start a residential treatment center for boys that uses recreational therapy, movement, and exercise as one of our primary treatment modalities because decades of clinical studies show that recreational therapy has many benefits.

Some clinically proven recreational therapy benefits include:

  • Improved Symptoms of Depression
  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Enhanced Social Connections
  • Improved Functional Independence
  • Better Cognitive Abilities
  • Relief from Symptoms of Anxiety

Our Program Director for the Trails House is Dr. Kyle DiFulvio, who has years of incorporating outdoor, experiential, and eco-therapies into evidence-based treatment programs and clinical settings.

Family Therapy

Ascend’s Parent Program is an integral part of every client’s care, and we require participation from primary caregivers. Outside of private family sessions, we offer weekly Parent Effectiveness Training (PET), Parenting with DBT, Shame and Resiliency, and Multi-Family group therapy sessions. Read more about our parent program here.

Amenities at Trails House

Trails House has a number of unique amenities among treatment facilities for boys in California, including:

  • Dedicated Staff Onsite for 24-Hour Care
  • Private Chef Cooking Regular Meals for Balanced Nutrition
  • Batting Cages, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Putting Green, & Skate Park
  • Exterior & Interior Rec Spaces
  • Double Rooms with Full-Sized Beds

Trails is a small residential treatment center for boys that only accepts six clients at any one time to ensure that we can provide the best possible care.

Do you think your teen would benefit from the unique program at Trails House? Reach out to our admissions team now at 310.388.3713 to discuss your options.