Ascend Healthcare is dedicated to the long-term success of our clients and their families, so we provide continuing resources for teens and adolescents after the completion of their initial program. Our substance abuse and mental health alumni program in California provides them with the connection and companionship they need to achieve long-term, sustainable gains and gracefully transition from crisis to resilience and stability. 

young teen male talks to his female counselor about Mental Health Alumni Programs

We believe that connecting with others is key to living a healthy, fulfilling life. Learn more about how our rehab alumni programs in California can help your child reach their potential today.

Benefits of Our Alumni Program

Part of our mission has always been to ensure that all teens who graduate from our program have a supportive, therapeutic “home” to come back to. Many teens express that the most valuable therapeutic support comes from the peer network they established while at Ascend’s residential treatment center.

Following the completion of a substance abuse or mental health treatment program, you and your teen can continue to benefit from access to monthly process and support groups in addition to an ongoing mental health alumni program.

A Different Kind of Support System

While many of those who have overcome mental illness and substance abuse have support from their loved ones and friends, this support group might not have experienced substance abuse and mental illness themselves. Our teen mental health alumni program connects your teen with others who have walked a similar path and can uniquely identify with the struggles that mental disorders and addiction have forced them to confront.

By listening, understanding, and supporting the people who need them most, members of our alumni program also learn more about their own journey towards sobriety and mental health. We believe the alumni program is beneficial to current residents of Ascend as well as those who have already completed treatment. The connections this program creates last far beyond your teen’s time at our facility and provides them with a lasting support system they can turn to their entire lives.

Contact Us About Our Alumni Program

We don’t want anyone to feel like they have nowhere to turn, so we’ve developed and established one of the most comprehensive substance abuse and mental health alumni programs in California. Because of our extensive experience with all types of mental disorders, we’re best suited to guiding program graduates throughout their alumni years.

Whether you are looking for an adolescent treatment facility or you’re a teen who is starting their transition out of one of our programs, Ascend Healthcare’s rehab alumni program in California is here for you. During treatment and beyond, we will support your growth with multiple treatment options, aftercare planning, and continuing care. Learn more about our alumni program when you reach out to the Ascend Healthcare admissions team at 310.388.3713.

Nobody should struggle through mental illness or substance abuse alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help and start your journey to health and happiness. Learn about our residential treatment alumni today.