Understanding California Rehab for Club Drugsa pile of pills showing Designer-Drug-Abuse California rehab for club drugs

Designer drugs, also known as club drugs, are commonly abused among teenagers who like to party. They’re easily accessible, and a number of the purchased products are sold online and delivered in discreet packaging to your front door. Some designer drugs are even sold legally, such as Spice and K2. While teens take these drugs to enhance their party experiences, some designer drugs cause such intense symptoms so quickly that they are fatal.

At Ascend, we want to help you understand designer drugs and the effects they have on your child. Learn more about our California rehab program for club drugs today.

Causes Of Teenage Designer Drug Abuse 

There are several common reasons why your teen may be drawn to this type of drug and may need a California rehab program for club drugs to find relief from their addiction. Many club drugs cause teens to feel powerful or create an ultra-relaxed sensation, allowing them to feel more confident in social situations. Certain types of designer drugs increase sensations of affection and happiness, providing teens with a more enjoyable party experience they wouldn’t get while sober. Other effects of designer drugs can make music more interesting and lights more intense.

Typically, designer drugs are taken in social settings and in the company of friends, which can contribute to additional engagement in high-risk behavior. If you want to help your child who may already be addicted, a designer drug rehab for teens is your best option.

Types of Designer Drugs

Club drugs are categorized under psychoactive drugs that act upon the central nervous system. To achieve their effects, they can completely change the behavior, awareness, and mood of the individual using them. Like many other types of drugs, club drugs have nicknames that can change depending on the variation and region you’re in. Some of the most common types of designer drugs include:

  • Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA
  • Acid/LSD
  • K/Special K
  • G/GHB/Liquid Ecstasy
  • Rohypnol/Roofies

At Ascend’s California rehab program for club drugs, we’re familiar with the effects of these drugs and the reasons behind why your teen may be using them. From addiction treatment for ecstasy and GHB to k and acid, you can trust our team to help your teen discover healthier coping mechanisms than designer drugs.

Signs & Symptoms of Club Drug Abuse

If you think your child may be using designer drugs and could benefit from our California rehab program for club drugs, look for these signs and symptoms:

  • Panic attacks
  • Sudden changes in friends
  • A sudden change in attitude or personality
  • A sudden change in appearance
  • Declining academic performance
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Unexplained need for money
  • Theft
  • Secrecy
  • Pinpointed or dilated pupils
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Sudden defiance

Since these types of drugs don’t typically emit an odor, it can make spotting use especially difficult for parents.

Our Designer Drug Rehab for Teens

At Ascend, we want to ensure that our California rehab program for club drugs is as effective as possible. To help your teens overcome their drug addiction, we meet them where they are, personalize our treatment programs for their needs, and offer compassionate care that makes them feel like they truly matter. Through a variety of therapeutic modalities that focus on addiction treatment for ecstasy, GHB, k, and acid, your teen has the chance to rediscover their joy in life and learn essential coping mechanisms that will help them as they grow. 

Do you want to help your child achieve their full potential to live a healthy, happy life? Reach out to Ascend Healthcare today at 310.388.3713 to speak with our admissions team.