Ascend Healthcare provides individualized, in-depth care to successfully treat psychological, behavioral,young people learning about Mental Health Therapy Resources interpersonal, and emotional concerns. In our treatment programs, clients find hope and recovery from a number of mental health issues and addiction problems. Our experienced staff is qualified to treat individuals with:

Additional Resources

We also provide additional mental health therapy resources and addiction treatment resources for families and loved ones. Even after your child has completed treatment at Ascend Healthcare, your family will have access to our extensive educational resources and our network of professional therapists and doctors. Our goal is for your child to have continued support in their recovery. 

Supporting Your Child With a Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorder

Ascend’s family program is a foundational part of the work we do. Providing mental health therapy resources to families before, throughout, and after treatment is essential for the continued wellbeing of the entire family system. Ascend offers tailored and comprehensive family programming to include not only parents, but siblings and other primary caregivers as well. You’re invited to attend alumni programming and ongoing parenting process meetings, skills sessions, and educational forums following your child’s discharge. 

Online Mental Health Therapy Resources 

Understanding and identifying whether there is a problem is helpful in making an informed decision regarding treatment. Please refer to the resources below to get a better understanding of early warning signs and potential symptoms associated with your teen’s mental health or substance abuse disorder.

The more you know about the struggles your child is facing, the better equipped you are to get them help when they need it.

Mental Health Resources for Professionals

It’s important to us at Ascend that our clients have an amazing team of providers to support them after treatment. We look for quality psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, therapists, and other treatment professionals in all areas to refer our clients to upon discharge. Our mental health resources for professionals help them stay connected with other specialists in the mental health community.

There are also times when our admissions department receives calls from clients or families that we feel are not a good fit for the Ascend program. In these cases, we provide mental health therapy resources for families looking for specialists in their areas.  

Contact Ascend Healthcare to Learn More

We hope you consult these mental health therapy resources and addiction treatment resources to learn more about the mental health issues and substance abuse your child may be dealing with. If you have questions about your child’s recovery or want to learn more about our treatment programs, contact Ascend Healthcare today when you reach out to our admissions team at 310.388.3713.

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