teen and dad learning about autism in mental healthAutism as a Secondary Diagnosis

There are a number of conditions that tend to overlap with autism. While some of these include classic medical conditions, like sleep disorders or epilepsy, there is some convergence with mental health conditions that may cause you to seek treatment for a teen with autism. Autism and mental health are often linked because the condition results in difficulty with social interactions, trouble with schoolwork, and anxiety over societal expectations.

If you think your child is dealing with depression, anxiety, gaming and device management, or ADHD in conjunction with their autism, Ascend can help.

Autism at Ascend

While we don’t treat autism as a primary diagnosis, we can help high-functioning teens with autism who also struggle with a variety of mental health conditions. We have clinicians on our team that are ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) certified and trained to work with people on the spectrum. 

Once your teen is evaluated by our team, we can create a customized treatment plan that addresses how autism as a secondary diagnosis may be affecting their mental health. By approaching autism and mental health simultaneously, we believe that our clinical methods will have much more effective results.

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Many parents come to Ascend because they have concerns about a child who has autism and may also be dealing with declining mental health. At our inclusive teen treatment program, we have experience with autism in teens. Work with us to ensure your child can get the help they need to fulfill their true potential.

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