The Alumni Program at Ascend is an integral part of our aftercare regimen and important for both parents and teens. We host weekly and monthly alumni events to maintain contact with graduates of our residential facilities and ensure they continue their progress towards better mental health. Learn more about some of the events we offer!

Variety for Parents & Teens

While some of our events are therapy-based, others are all about socializing and having fun! From support and process groups for parents to LGBTQ+ discussions and social hangouts for teens, Ascend is always hosting something new. Our group hosts are therapists and specialists who volunteer their time to continue caring for the parents and teens that have become part of the Ascend family!

Upcoming Events

We strive to plan events as far out as possible to allow parents and teens to fit them into their schedules. Check out the events we have coming up in the next couple of months:

March 9th – Teen Process Group

Support & Process | Lexee

March 15th – Parent Process Group

Parent Support & Process | Daniel

March 21st – Parent Group

Shame & Resilience | Kayla

March 22nd – Parent Process Group

Parent Process | Daniel

March 22nd – Teen Process Group

Teen Support & Process | Lexee

April 7th – Teen Process Group

DBT Skills Refresher | Hannah

April 11th – Parent Group

Shame & Resilience | Kayla

April 12th – Parent Process Group

Support & Process | Daniel

April 13th – Teen Process Group

Support & Process | Lexee

April 27th – Teen Process Group

Support & Process | Lexee

April 28th – Parent Process Group

Support & Process | Daniel

Private, Protected Groups

Ascend alumni events are always private groups that only allow former clients and parent attendance. We protect the identities and information of anyone who chooses to attend these groups to ensure we’re creating safe spaces that allow everyone to express themselves freely. If you’re a parent or teen who has been through the Ascend program, join our Facebook group for updates and access to these events!

If you’re looking for more information about the Alumni Program or the events available to parents and teens, reach out to us today!