Acute Stabilization & Assessment Program in Los Angeles, CA

ASAP at Ascend, Ascend Healthcare Acute Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Many adolescents require more intensive treatment and care than what they would receive in a traditional residential treatment program. Whether your teen doesn’t have a diagnosis yet or you’re looking for the right acute mental health treatment for your teen, ASAP at Ascend can help provide more context and preparation to help you deal with your teen’s struggles. Clients who are in crisis with complex mental health and/or addiction issues can benefit from ASAP in a way that they would not if placed directly into a standard residential treatment program.

If you’re concerned for your teen, reach out to Ascend Healthcare. We can help determine which of our teen treatment programs is right for your family and whether placement in our acute mental health treatment for teens can help them on the road to a better life.

What Is ASAP at Ascend?

The Acute Stabilization and Assessment Program (ASAP) at Ascend Healthcare is our innovative approach to comprehensive diagnostic testing and can serve as a pre-residential mental health treatment to longer-term programs. This is an extension of our traditional teen treatment program that offers a more in-depth assessment and preparation for the next level of care. 

Adolescents struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues oftentimes have complex clinical profiles. We understand that engaging teens in the testing process can be complicated and we strive to mitigate the negative effects of their lack of engagement through ASAP. We don’t want their disinterest to contribute to lower testing validity and make it even harder to get to the root of mental health or substance abuse issues. 

Because it acts as an alternative to shorter-term or hospital-based assessment programs, our acute mental health treatment for teens takes approximately 30-days to complete. Through intensive care and evaluation, we have improved testing engagement and more valuable treatment initiation.

Program Highlights of ASAP at Ascend

For many families, clarity around diagnoses is an essential first step in achieving proper treatment, placement, and overall solutions for your teen. In addition to diagnostic evaluations and testing, our acute mental health treatment for teens focuses on medication management and stabilization, academic support, and individualized recommendations for treatment options moving forward. 

What else can you expect in ASAP? Upon entering this program, your teen will have access to and will benefit from the following:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Genecept Testing  
  • Neurological Evaluation (if indicated)
  • Brain Imaging (if indicated)
  • Functional Behavioral Analysis Plan 
  • Nutritional Assessment Plan
  • 24 Hour Observation 
  • Feedback & Recommendations

We also offer intensive therapy options during the course of this program including:

  • Treatment Initiation
  • Individual Therapy 
  • Group Therapy
  • Educational Support 
  • Substance Abuse Disorder Consultation (if indicated)
  • Internet Addiction Disorder Consultation (if indicated)
  • Treatment Extension to Include Ongoing Residential Treatment 
  • Sub-Specialty Consultation & Treatment Initiation (EMDR, NeuroFeedback) 

Contact Ascend Healthcare Today

At Ascend Healthcare, our goal is to help teens and families find hope for the future through effective mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our alternative mental health facilities were created to provide a pathway into traditional treatment for teens who need more diagnostic testing and preparation for this next level of care. If you aren’t sure whether this program is the right path for your child, you can reach out to our expert staff at any time to discuss your concerns.

For additional information on our alternative mental health facilities, to learn more about the ASAP Program team, or to find out if your teen could benefit from this program, please call the admissions representatives at 310.388.3713 or fill out our secure online form.

Give your child the foundational tools they need to fulfill their potential when you speak with the experts at Ascend about acute mental health treatment for your teen today.