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If you’re considering the treatment options at Ascend, you must have a ton of questions about what you and your child can expect. We’ll do our best to answer all your mental health FAQs here.

Are teens allowed visiting hours?

We don’t have set visiting hours, but there are many opportunities for families to visit with their children. Families are able to see their kids during family therapy sessions and we have off-site passes that allow clients time to visit with families away from the facility.

What is the age range for treatment at your facility?

All of our clients range between the ages of 12-17.

Are patients allowed to have their phones?

No. This is a common mental health FAQ.

We don’t allow phones because we want to encourage clients to reconnect with themselves and their peers. When they get offsite passes, we also talk to parents about keeping kids focused on visiting and not on social media or tech time.

What is the average length of stay?

Our mental health FAQ can only give you an average length of stay. Most clients stay in our residential facility between 45-90 days. Each child is different and their length of stay is dependent on their treatment plans and progress.

How will the family be involved in the treatment process?

Ascend treats the whole person, and with adolescents, that includes the whole family. Family participation is a requirement of program admission. In addition to weekly individual family sessions and multi-family support groups, Ascend offers parenting skills groups, parent process groups, meditation for parents, and sibling support groups. Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the creation of their child’s treatment and discharge plans.  

How many teens are in each program?

Ascend is a small, boutique-style treatment program. The program capacity in each facility is six and we have two facilities. This is a unique element of our treatment program and different from many other answers you’ll see on other facility mental health FAQs.

How do I know if my child is a fit for the program?

Because each child is unique, this is one of the most common mental health FAQs we hear from concerned parents. We determine whether your child will benefit from our treatment programs through phone calls with parents and outside providers as well as a comprehensive clinical assessment. 

We also strongly encourage any prospective family to come and meet us, either in person or through videoconferencing, to get the best feel for who we are and what we do. 

Does Ascend accept insurance?

Ascend is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, MHN, HealthNet, ComPsych, and First Health. Ascend also works as an out-of-network provider with most PPO plans. 

We understand how important this mental health FAQ is to your decision. Please contact our admissions line to discuss how we can support you in getting the best coverage possible or to request a verification of benefits.

Are payment plans available?


At Ascend, our goal is to help your family and your teen work through their mental health issues and live up to their full potential. We don’t want your child to be left behind because your finances are stopping you from getting them help. Please call our admissions department to discuss individualized payment options. 

Does Ascend implement the 12-Step Program? Is it only a 12-step program?

Ascend utilizes many different therapeutic modalities in the treatment of substance abuse, including harm reduction, the Matrix Model, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Refuge Recovery, and the 12-Step model. 

Ascend encourages all teens, especially those with use or abuse issues, to choose abstinence. Each client is assessed individually to determine which model of recovery will work the best for them. Ascend starts with the why and how of addiction and increases motivation for abstinence.

What substance use disorders do we treat?

We offer teen substance abuse treatment programs for a variety of substances including:

What mental health disorders do we treat?

Ascend Healthcare offers teen mental health treatment programs for various mental health disorders including:

Visit each page to get more specific answers for your most common mental health FAQs.

What’s the process for admission?

The process of enrolling in treatment begins with a phone call to our admissions team. The admissions department will gather all necessary and important information about your child,  including your insurance information. If our team feels your child and family will benefit from our program, they begin the admissions process and guide you every step of the way. 

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