Teenage depression is a mental and emotional disorder which is no different medically from adult depression othera young woman who needs a Depression Treatment Program than in the way symptoms manifest themselves due to the different developmental and social challenges teens face. Adolescence can be a difficult time for any child as they face changes due to puberty, peer pressure, and academic challenges that may leave them feeling unnecessarily inadequate.

Ascend offers a teen depression treatment program that can help your child overcome these complicated issues. Learn more about what depression means for your child as well as how our California depression treatment facility can make a difference.

Causes of Teenage Depression

The causes of depression vary from social factors to biological factors such as chemical imbalances. If your teen has gone through a traumatic experience or is struggling with peer pressure or significant life changes, they might fall into a period of depression. By recognizing the signs, parents, teachers and loved ones can help adolescents through what could be a dark period of their lives via a teen depression treatment program — even without knowing the exact cause.

Signs & Symptoms of Depression to Look For

The symptom of depression that most of us think we would recognize right away is sadness, but this isn’t the symptom most teens with depression report. One of the main and most overlooked signs of depression in teens is actually chronic irritability. Other signs include:

  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Lack of Energy 
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Changes in School Performance 
  • A Sense of Hopelessness or Helplessness 
  • Changes in Appetite
  • Weight Loss or Gain
  • Change in Personal Hygiene 
  • Social Isolation or Withdrawal
  • Expresses Beliefs That Life is Not Worth Living

It can be tough to figure out if your teen is feeling some of these more complex symptoms, but drastic changes in their mood or behavior is a sign that you need to start paying attention. Talk to the specialists at our teen depression treatment program today for more guidance on what to look for in your child.

Depression Treatment in California

At Ascend Healthcare, we understand that every client in our depression treatment program is unique, so we create a personalized treatment plan for each client. When your child enters our teen program, they undergo thorough evaluations and assessments, so we can better understand their needs and goals for treatment. 

We’ll help your child develop healthy coping skills and strategies through targeted, evidence-based therapies. These therapies may include Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy.

Ascend also encourages experiential therapy, where your child can make their own decision about additional alternative treatment programs that can help them express their emotions in a healthier way. We offer everything from hiking and meditation to drama and horticulture therapies at our teen depression treatment facility.

Contact Ascend Healthcare Today

The team of therapists and other treatment professionals at Ascend can tell you more about our teen depression treatment program. Through a personalized treatment plan and evidence-based therapies, your child can begin to heal. 

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