a counselor sits with a mom, dad and teen girl in a Teen Family Therapy

When one member of the family struggles, everyone struggles. At Ascend, we target the entire family system including parents, siblings, and other primary supports to provide treatment for everyone. If you’re looking into a teen treatment program for a member of your family, integrated teen family therapy is a must. Learn more about our counseling options for troubled teens today.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

When people think of a residential treatment program for teens, individual and group counseling typically come to mind first. While these are essential services, a teen family therapy program that includes everyone in your teen’s life is just as crucial for recovery.

Each family participates in at least one family therapy session weekly, either in person or via telehealth. These sessions are focused on rebuilding and repairing relationships, evaluating roles and restructuring the system, improving communication, and providing psychoeducation for parents and residents. Ascend places a tremendous value on teen family therapy sessions, as the changes that occur within the family unit can be the most productive part of long-term recovery from a mental health or substance abuse issue

Ascend provides additional support through weekend Family Day intensives dedicated to the wellbeing of the family. Every other Sunday, families are invited to participate in the following:

  • Parenting and co-parenting support and skills sessions
  • Sibling break-outs
  • Meditation groups
  • Beautiful catered lunch
  • Multi-family group session

What Are the Benefits of Teen Family Therapy?

Family therapy programs act as a period of healing. They can help family members repair the wounds that mental illness and/or substance abuse have caused — rebuilding relationships and improving communication between family members.

This type of therapy teaches family members about many kinds of mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. It’s not uncommon for families to misunderstand a particular disorder, so helping them fully comprehend these diseases allows them to better understand the struggle that their loved ones are dealing with.

Aftercare Planning & Family Therapy Go Hand-in-Hand

Aftercare planning is one way that Ascend Healthcare takes our services above and beyond the treatment many families expect. Once a teen has completed their residential program with us, we transition them to long-term care with a comprehensive aftercare plan that usually includes teen family therapy. These sessions often involve home visits to ensure that conflicts can be resolved in the home setting.

Planning for life after treatment allows us to address the challenges your teen may face after they complete our program. The issues we treat here are chronic challenges that our clients continue to deal with on a regular basis for the rest of their lives. Aftercare planning prepares them for this journey and provides them with the tools they need to effectively cope with those challenges.

We Know the Importance of Teen Family Therapy

At Ascend, we know the important role that an effective family therapy program plays during recovery from a mental health or substance abuse disorder. We integrate this therapy with every other element of our treatment modalities. Each of these treatment options merge together to form a personalized plan for your loved one.

Let us guide your child towards better mental health and educate you, as their support system, about the struggles they may be facing. If you’re ready to better understand your teen and help them through this difficult time, get in touch with our admissions team at 310.388.3713 for more information about teen family therapy in California.