At Ascend Healthcare, we strive to be a good neighbor to all those in our communities. Each of our facilities includes policies to ensure positive experiences for those who live near us. So many people have misconceptions about the children that we treat, but we’re here to support our clients and address your concerns. Learn more about how Ascend serves the community and the important work we do with teens today!

What is a Group Home?

Ascend operates under a specific license called a “Group Home” license that limits our services to only six clients at a time. This intimate environment, along with our extensive staffing, ensures we provide enough oversight, clinical care, and safe practices for both our teen clients and the community in which our facility is located.

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Who Do We Treat?

Our teen treatment programs focus on those between the ages of 12 and 17 who struggle with a variety of mental health issues ranging from process disorders and ADHD to depression, anxiety, and trauma. We teach these teens strategies for emotional regulation as well as healthy coping mechanisms for future stressors. With the help of family therapy, experiential therapy, and even animal assisted therapy in a highly clinical setting, we can explore personalized treatment plans that provide targeted help for troubled kids.

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Is There A Screening Process?

We don’t accept every applicant into the Ascend program. Our clinical staff must be confident that we can actually help each client and that they’re truly ready to make a change in their lives. Our admissions screening includes reviews of hospital records, psychological testing, and IEPs. This therapist-led review ensures our confidence in working with residents in our type of environment.

Our Safety Protocols

We care for the safety of our teen clients as well as the security of our community. Each of our treatment centers maintains high levels of supervision and support. No facility is ever left unmanned and our clients have 24-hour, on-site guidance. We’re confident that our strict policies and monitoring systems keep our clients on their best behavior.

We Won’t Disturb You

You’re worried about the tranquility of your neighborhood, and we understand your concerns. While we help our young clients rediscover their passion and joy in life, it’s essential that we maintain a calming, safe space to help establish long-term recovery practices.

You might find it unexpected that our group homes are quieter than most other houses with teen residents. We don’t allow late nights, loud music, or partying. Our homes are about creating a soothing environment for healing with consistent daily routines and plenty of structure.

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Parking Spaces & Street Traffic

We know that maintaining an open flow of traffic and uncrowded curb space is important. Our facilities have adequate space for staff parking for a core team that is on-site between 10 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. We also have supervisors at the home 24 hours a day. Should we be hosting a public event, we always hire valet services to keep congestion to a minimum.

Support Our Work

The work we do with the children at Ascend is important to their own development, as well as the growth and success of our community. These kids will eventually reintegrate into this community or communities nearby with the lessons we’ve instilled in them during treatment as a guide for their behavior. Our standards as neighbors makes their rehabilitation possible in a comfortable home environment.

Do you have any questions or concerns about our work or facility regulations? 

Reach out to our team at 310.388.3713.

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