Your teen needs help. You’ve tried your best, but there are some things you can’t fix. Maybe you learned that your teen has a substance abuse problem, or is struggling with their mental health. Find out today about Ascend Healthcare and how we can help your adolescent.

Substance Abuse is Wreaking Havoc in Our Communities

Alcohol, opiates, hallucinogens, prescription drug abuse, and cocaine are just some of the substance dependencies that adolescents have. They think they’re in control. Initially, many begin using substances to fit in with their peer groups. Many are self-medicating due to an underlying issue.

They suffer from stress due to failing grades. Maybe they have a difficult time getting along with members of the family. For some, there’s worry about what will come after school.

How Ascend Healthcare Can Help

Anxiety and depression are two pervasive mental health disorders. Teen residential treatment programs can make a massive difference in the life of your teen and your family. Our therapists specialize in working with adolescents who are struggling with their mental health. Examples tend to include body image issues, suicidal ideation, self-harm, panic disorders, substance use disorders, and more. These stressors are significant, but also normal.

teens smiling and having fun at Ascend Healthcare

These types of mental health conditions can also trigger addictive behaviors to cope. Without addressing this dual-diagnosis, real healing is not possible. In our program, we administer a full array of psychological testing. This enables us to identify underlying conditions and provide appropriate and effective teen mental health treatment programs.

What Treatment Typically Looks Like

The treatment takes place at a cozy home — clients love this about Ascend Healthcare. There’s no impersonal clinical feel to the venue. Rather, it feels like they are at home having a retreat with peers.

Our residential program immediately lowers adolescents’ defenses. They respond well to the homelike atmosphere. Teens love that they are not in a hospital or a sterile clinical setting. As a result, they are much more likely to open up.

We create a schedule that suits the teen. Each week, there are at least two one-on-one sessions with their primary therapist. There are also weekly family therapy sessions and bi-weekly family group therapy.

Experiential therapy modality is offered multiple times each day. Care protocol might include:

  • Psychotherapy for underlying mental health concerns
  • Behavioral counseling that focuses on substance abuse education
  • Group sessions for social skills development and coping skills applications
  • Talk therapy to draw out the teen and chart a course to recovery
  • Educational programming to make up for any lost time in school

Healthy Food

Teens in our program love that there is a private chef. A nutritionist ensures that each teen receives balanced meals for their unique needs. If someone has a health problem, our nutritionist will create a specialized meal plan.

Why Do Parents Hesitate to Call?

Many adults think that their teens are going through a phase. Much as there are the so-called terrible twos, they believe that adolescence may involve experimenting with drugs. Many parents don’t realize the full extent of their teens’ experimentation and risk until too it’s late. That’s why we recommend calling for help as soon as you suspect substance use or mental health/behavioral issues.

Our thorough admissions process will alert you to any significant risk to your child’s behavior. Parents find immense relief in knowing that help is available at any point. Learn more about Ascend Healthcare today by contacting us at 310.388.3713.