Mental Health Help for Teens

Nestled in Tarzana, California, Kallos is an exclusive adolescent residential treatment program prioritizing mental health with a focus on the intricate relationship between mind and body, including considerations related to food. Our program is designed for teens (ages 12-17) navigating primary mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, with secondary attention to aspects linked to eating.

Amenities at Kallos House

Kallos House extends beyond conventional amenities. With 24-hour onsite staff, a private chef providing personalized nutrition, and various activity facilities like a tennis court and pool, we create an environment that fosters holistic well-being. Shared rooms, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and classroom facilities add to the comprehensive experience.

Ascend’s Clinical Approach

Our clinical approach underscores the importance of round-the-clock care for teens grappling with mental health nuances. A dedicated medical team, available 24/7, addresses emotional and physical aspects related to well-being. Therapists, skilled in techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-E), DBT, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT), and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (E-EFFT), engage in individual, group, and family therapy sessions.

Collaboration between our chef and dietitian ensures nutritionally balanced meals, complemented by educators who support academic progress. Nature-based therapies, from equine to gardening and beach-oriented sessions, enrich the healing process.

Reach Out Today

At Kallos, we recognize the subtle intricacies of the relationship between individuals and their approach to eating. Our program is adept at navigating this complexity, ensuring that the well-being of the mind and body takes center stage. While addressing concerns related to eating, we place a gentle emphasis on fostering a positive connection with food.

Whether your teen is navigating challenges related to mental health or the intricate dynamics of their relationship with food, Kallos offers comprehensive support. Our program extends beyond the residential phase, providing aftercare planning and alumni programming for sustained well-being.

If you’re seeking a program that understands the delicate interplay between mental health and the relationship with food, Kallos may be the ideal fit for your family. Connect with our admissions team to explore how we can contribute to your teen’s journey toward holistic health. Call us at 310.388.3713, and let Kallos guide your family with empathy, compassion, and a focus on nurturing the health of the mind and body.