Autism & ADHD Residential Treatment

The Haven is Ascend’s neurodivergent residential treatment facility, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of adolescent clients (ages 12-17) with secondary diagnoses related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing issues, and other socio-emotional problems. 

Located on a small animal farm, this unique autism and residential treatment facility works to address mental health issues while also fostering and supporting our client’s interpersonal connectedness and empathy, the creation of community, the development of improved social relationships and executive functioning skills, and the cultivation of a positive sense of self. Learn more about the approach and services we offer in our neurodiversity-affirming therapy program for teens.

The Approach at Haven

Our autism and ADHD residential treatment program incorporates several techniques that assist and support our diverse clientele, including:

  • Appropriate neuropsychological testing for diagnosis and identification
  • Personalized planning to support and address their social and educational needs
  • Seasoned therapists with extensive experience in neurodiverse populations
  • Programming with a focus on building life skills, including daily chores and hygiene
  • The creation of a Passion Project that provides clients a space to explore their interests
  • Daily interaction with therapeutic farm animals for animal-assisted therapy sessions
  • Rewards-based monitored screen time to address technology dependency
  • ABA and OT-certified professionals trained in behavioral management and sensory processing issues

We offer a number of social skills groups run by our UCLA PEERs and certified clinicians that are structured to assist clients in cultivating appropriate social skills and life habits, navigating relationships, and interacting with other teens. We incorporate neurodiverse-specific, evidence-based treatment modalities into every aspect of our approach, including group, family, and individual sessions based on CBT, ACT, and RO-DBT.

Amenities at Haven

The Knockhaven autism and ADHD residential treatment facility strives to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible with all the amenities and more that our clients should be able to access in their daily lives. Some of the amenities you can expect from neurodiversity-affirming therapy for teens at Ascend include:

  • On-site chef who addresses specific dietary requirements and appropriate nutritional needs
  • Experiential therapy opportunities, like eco-therapy, hiking, gardening, and recreational sports
  • State-of-the-art sensory tools to increase stabilization and emotional regulation
  • 24-hour care and monitoring by onsite staff throughout the day and night
  • Intensive aftercare planning for a smooth transition back into the family system
  • Shared room with queen beds
  • Outdoor BBQ and interior lounge spaces
  • Access to hiking trails, stables, and outdoor water features
  • Full classroom with all necessary supplies and computers

Additionally, our autism and ADHD residential treatment recognizes the specific role of family and family systems work in relation to our clients. Families participate in twice-weekly family therapy sessions, as well as specialized parent skill training utilizing PEERs, a parent support and resource group, and a multi-family process group.

Quality Care at Ascend

Living and managing mental health concerns is possible with help from Ascend. Our expert team can personalize treatment plans and provide clients and families with the tools they need to explore their true potential. To learn more about our autism and ADHD residential treatment, please reach out to our admissions team today.