Mental Health Issues in Your Children

It’s not your fault.

Many families are struggling with a child who has mental health issues. Most of the time, it’s not anything you did wrong that’s causing your child to suffer. At Ascend, we understand your pain, and more importantly, we understand your child’s pain. If you’re wondering how to help your child with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other disorder, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how Ascend can help.

We Are Ascend

Effie Goldberg founded Ascend to help teens grow and thrive. Effie has a background in teaching kids in private and public schools and is very involved in the day-to-day activities at Ascend.

When parents call to chat, he’s there.
When new teens enter our program, he’s there.
When we’re hiring new staff to support our expanding program, he’s there.

Following Effie’s lead, we focus on creating a compassionate environment and leading by example. Our programs for mental health issues in children are among the best out there for dealing with all sorts of mental health disorders because of our clinical anchor and empathetic team members. When you choose Ascend, you’re getting more than just the basics, you’re also getting:

  • Management Level Personnel Available for Chats
  • A Facility That Knows How to Work With Families
  • A Team That Cares About Your Child & Their Success
  • The Knowledge to Steer Teens Towards Healthier Outlets & Hobbies

At Ascend, we understand the vulnerability and impressionability of children at this stage of their lives. You can trust in our experience to guide you through this difficult time. We know how to help your child with depression, trauma, suicidal ideation, autism, and much more.

General FAQ

How do I get my child admitted?

Fill out our online contact form or call us at 310.388.3713 to speak with our admissions team and start the process.

Do you take insurance?

We take most types of insurance. Check your coverage here.

How long will my child be with you?

Most insurances will cover your child for residential treatment for between 35-45 days, and you can continue treatment up to 90 days if you choose to pay privately. Each child’s progress is unique, and you will be able to see how they change and evolve during your weekly family therapy sessions.

The longer your child receives intensive therapeutic support, the further they’ll progress. Your decision to have your child in our program is a nuanced and complex situation, and every choice you make can have long-term repercussions. Our team is here to hold your hand during every step of the process and ensure you’re fully informed before making a decision.

Reach Out Today

At Ascend, we understand teen apathy, and we know what to do about it. Don’t continue to agonize over a possible mental health issue in your child. Reach out for help today and join Ascend in ensuring your child’s safety and security.

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