Understanding Personality Disorder Traits In Teenagers

Residential treatment program for (emerging) personality disorders

During an adolescent’s teen years, they can experience trying emotional mood swings and seemingly irrational behaviors. Many parents feel disconnected from their children during this time, and teens can maintain a rebellious attitude that makes it difficult to communicate with their parents. While some teens grow out of these behaviors, in other cases, these behaviors are early signs of an emerging personality disorder.

Personality disorders are deeply ingrained behaviors that typically manifest in teenagers and young adults. Some cause long-term difficulties in personal growth and make it hard to function normally in society. It can be tough to classify a personality disorder in any individual, but especially in teenagers because many of the signs are often exaggerated symptoms of adolescence itself. At Ascend Healthcare, we can help you discover whether your teen needs a residential treatment program for emotional regulation disorders.

Causes of Emerging Personality Disorders in Teenagers

The causes of personality disorders are not fully understood. Without a doubt, there is a definite mix of environmental, genetic, and traumatic history factors. Since the reasons why your teen may be suffering are different, our residential treatment program for emotional regulation disorders is also unique to each individual.

Types of Personality Disorders

It can be challenging for medical professionals to classify or label a specific personality disorder as these things do exist on a spectrum. Ascend is here as your guide to ensure your child gets the personalized care they need depending on their diagnosis.

Some behaviors commonly found in teens are also evident among those with personality disorders. Ultra-sensitivity to failure, emotional instability, self-destructive attitude, intense fear of rejection, overdependence on peers, difficulty with transitions, and fear of making mistakes are difficult to separate from normal teenage insecurity.

After a thorough assessment and clinical diagnosis at our program for emotional regulation disorders, you’ll know which type of personality disorder they may likely have.

At Ascend, our emerging borderline personality disorder treatment program is intended to guide your teen towards healthy coping mechanisms that minimize the effects potential disorders could have on their lives.

Signs and Symptoms of Emerging Personality Disorders

You might think that your child is in need of adolescent emerging personality disorder treatment right away, but their behavior could just be a normal, moody teenager attitude. The difference between a personality disorder and a rebellious teenager is generally the breadth, length, and depth of their pattern of behavior. Some signs and symptoms that, if seen together, could indicate personality disorder traits include:

  • Intense Emotions or Mood Swings
  • A Need for Immediate Gratification
  • Harmful Impulsive Behaviors
  • Relationship Problems
  • Low Self-Worth
  • Frantic Fear of Being Abandoned
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Substance Use Issues (Dual Diagnosis)

If your child has more than one of these signs or symptoms, it might be time to consider a higher level of care specifically geared towards emotional regulation disorders.

Emerging Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Programs

From residential treatment programs for emotional regulation disorders to narcissistic personality disorder treatment plans, the team at Ascend can help you explore the best options for your child. Reach out to our admissions team today at 310.388.3713 to learn more about the next steps you should be taking.

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