A place for healing, recovery, and growth, Ascend Healthcare works with adolescents ages 12-17 who are suffering from substance abuse as well as psychological, behavioral, interpersonal, and emotional issues. Our residential treatment facility for teens offers a safe, warm, and accepting environment where teens can explore the complex issues associated with adolescence and learn adaptive coping strategies to support a happier, healthier life. 

smiling teen girl with books around her talks to tutor Residential Treatment Facility for Teens

Inpatient Treatment at Ascend

Ascend is what is considered a short-term behavioral health residential facility, where the majority of our clients successfully transition home or to longer-term settings after 45-90 days with us. Because our teen treatment programs are incredibly small, our team can provide tailored treatment to each client and family based on their individual needs.


All of our residential treatment facilities for teens are located in Los Angeles, CA and have staffing crossovers that ensure each center feels like a home. You’ll also find that our facilities offer unique amenities for your child, including a private chef, basketball court, pool, jacuzzi, and gardening spaces for horticultural work. Magnolia House even has a tennis court!

Residential Treatment Program at Empress

Empress House is a standalone residential treatment facility for teens. It is for those that are dealing with substance abuse disorders and the underlying mental health conditions that drove them to these unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Residential Treatment Program at Magnolia

Magnolia House is a stand-alone mental and behavioral health residential facility that deals with teens’ negative expressions of their issues. While we treat a number of mental disorders at this facility — from depression and anxiety to trauma-related disorders and gender dysphoria — there are no substance abuse patients here. This residential treatment program for teens is also well-suited for those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

Residential Treatment Program at Canyons

Canyons is an exclusive residential treatment facility for teen girls that focuses on trauma and anxiety. Through the use of animal-assisted therapy, our clinical approach, and farm living, our clients learn to manage their own emotions, show up for themselves, and take responsibility for their lives. We have found that animal-assisted therapy has a major impact on the participation of our clients and their willingness to engage in their own treatment.

Residential Treatment Program at Trails

Trails House is a residential treatment facility for teen boys with primary mental health disorders. The Trails program focuses on healing the underlying issues contributing to substance use, family conflict, and/or failure to thrive. With a large emphasis on the outdoors, eco therapies, and animal-assisted interventions, we teach our clients new and adaptive ways to cope while inspiring passion to live.

Residential Treatment Program at Haven

Haven House is our residential treatment program for teens with autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergent mental health concerns. At this house, we focus on diagnosis and identification, personalized planning, and the development of long-term life skills for when our clients are ready to leave treatment. This house utilizes a number of clinical therapy modalities, including CBT, RO-DBT, and ACT in group, family, and one-on-one sessions. Part of our mission at Haven is to recognize and develop the specific role of family systems in relation to our clients.

Residential Treatment Program at Kallos

Kallos House is a residential treatment program for teens who struggle with primary mental health concerns, along with disordered eating or eating disorders as a secondary mental health condition. With a robust medical staff onsite 24 hours a day, and therapists experienced in CBT-E, DBT, and E-EEFT, teens in this program benefit from an extremely high level of care and support. Teens at Kallos enjoy personalized nutrition with a dietician on hand and staff specially trained to address the physical and emotional aspects of disordered eating.

Residential Treatment Program at Oaks

Oaks House is a Santa Clarita-based residential treatment program for teens struggling with OCD as a primary mental health concern, and anxiety as a secondary mental health condition. This facility prioritizes a multidimensional framework to holistically address each client’s unique needs through ERP integration, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, and nature-inspired interventions, among other family-centric clinical modalities. Medical staff and mentors are onsite 24 hours a day to ensure an advanced level of care and extensive support.”

About Our Residential Treatment Facility for Teens

Our philosophy utilizes both evidence-based and experiential therapeutic modalities to expose each adolescent to a multitude of treatment experiences and opportunities. The goal is to expand their ability to process emotions and teach them the necessary tools required to deal with whatever life has in store for them. Ascend offers individual psychotherapy, family therapy, psychiatric assessment and medication management, group therapies, and 24-hour care and supervision. 

Teens receive individualized therapy a minimum of twice a week, group therapy daily, family therapy weekly, and group family therapy bi-weekly. We know that every teen in our care has different needs and goals for treatment, so we include a custom-tailored program of experiential therapies to complement their individualized therapeutic program. Teens are also accompanied offsite for weekly support groups to build a network of recovery which affirms positive social skills, reinforces a feeling of community, and normalizes the therapeutic process.

Experiential Treatment Programs

We want your teen to have fun and re-experience life in meaningful ways, so our residential treatment facility for teens offers programs that are meant to promote further growth within your teen’s peer group. Some of the experiential therapies we utilize in our residential treatment center in California range from art therapy and gardening to meditation and somatic experiencing.

Everyone who enters our program can weigh in on which therapy programs interest them most. With information on their preferences, we do even more to customize your child’s experience.

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