As a cutting-edge residential treatment center, Ascend offers concierge discharge planning and transitional servicesa group of teens at a Concierge Aftercare Program to support the best possible reintegration home or to a longer-term care setting. The Concierge Aftercare Plan (CAP) program capitalizes on the strength of the relationships built between our team and your child to maintain ongoing engagement and continuity of care. Learn more about the details of our optional aftercare treatment plans here.

CAP Aftercare Treatment Services

Once your child has completed one of our treatment ptrograms, they get a mentor to help them with the transition to an aftercare treatment setting. The mentor providing this service has spent over a month of one-on-one time with your child, developing a deep understanding of the entire family systems and its strengths, as well as the best practices to implement at home for continued progress and improvement. Your mentor will implement concrete expectations, rules, and guidelines for every member of the family — from following through on appointments and meetings to participation in scheduled social activities.

Your child’s mentor can also provide everything from emotional support to logistics including:

  • Acting as a liaison to a long-term care program
  • Supplying a summary of treatment for outside doctors
  • Writing care plans with guidelines for successful intervention
  • Providing in-person support for your child
  • Serving as a sober companion (for Empress clients only)

Other services within the CAP program include:

  • A detailed written discharge support plan
  • Transportation assistance (if needed)
  • Full-day home or school stays
  • Ongoing parenting or primary caregiver coaching sessions
  • Weekly client check-ins with a lead member of the treatment team
  • Alumni meetings and activities

Not every child requires all of these services, and each discharge plan will be customized to their needs.

General Support Services

Many families don’t know how to proceed after their child has completed residential treatment at Ascend Healthcare. Our teen rehab aftercare program is meant to help you find everything you need for lasting success, including additional providers and outside resources:

  • Continuing clinical care providers
  • Identification of providers
  • Family care needs
  • Family home contract
  • 12-step or other supportive meeting schedule (if clinically indicated)
  • Educational needs
  • Social needs
  • Community resources

The CAP program provides much needed support for both you and your child to ensure continued progress and seamless reincorporation into real life.

Training for Our Concierge Aftercare Treatment Program

Ascend Healthcare believes in putting together teams of highly trained specialists to ensure your child is getting the most out of their treatment program and discharge plan. All of our CAP program staff are trained through external coaching and certification programs as well as internally at our facilities to ensure they thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and their families. Our mentors are especially skilled in client communication and hands on training to help parents welcome children back home.

Personalized Discharge Planning

The reintegration back home, or to a longer term care setting, can be complicated. Ascend offers comprehensive aftercare treatment services that are tailored to your child’s situation with specialized home-stays and the opportunity for ongoing coaching sessions for both clients and parents. 

If your child is nearing the end of a program with us, it’s time to start exploring your options for reintegration into their normal life. Reach out to our team at 310.388.3713 today to discuss their specific discharge needs or personalized teen rehab aftercare program.

*The CAP program is a cash-pay addition not included in costs associated with residential treatment. Check if this program is covered by your insurance when you speak with our admissions team.