For years, the dedicated team of mental health professionals at Ascend Healthcare has been providing families with the tools and resources they need to help loved ones overcome mental health disorders and substance abuse. Our mission has always been to guide your teens towards a healthy, successful life that ensures they reach their full potential. Learn more about what drives us to do better here.

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Empowering Families

The foundation of our mental health and substance abuse treatment programs is a customized healthcare plan that incorporates evidence-based therapy, experiential therapy, and family therapy. We strive to empower families to support and guide each other with a range of comprehensive educational services and unique tools that will last far beyond a client’s tenure at our facility.

Watching a family learn and grow together drives us to be more committed to our clients, providing them the best possible care.

Passion Drives Us

Our team of professionals is incredibly passionate about our mission and their work with Ascend. They endeavor to help each and every person that passes through our doors. Their dedication is astounding and you can see it in the personalized care and attention your child receives. There is no such thing as asking too many questions or taking up too much of their time. They are here for you.

In addition to the passion that’s evident from our own staff, we strive to encourage healthy emotional development from the clients under our care. We encourage them to explore their own interests through experiential therapy in a way that allows them to harness their emotions and use them for something rewarding and meaningful. Working on a passion project during their time with us provides an avenue for self expression, helps them develop positive coping skills, and ensures a lifelong joy for a particular hobby. Whether it’s art, animals, or music, Ascend offers them a path to explore and enjoy life.

Continuing Care with Ascend

While many clients and families experience positive behavioral changes while they’re in our program, they worry about what may happen after their child leaves us. The good news is that Ascend is dedicated to your child’s health and success for the rest of their life. Whether you make use of our aftercare treatment plans for the long term or join our Alumni program, there is always someone available to meet their needs.

We want your child and your family to overcome every obstacle in their path without sliding back to the behaviors that negatively affected their life in the first place. With our emphasis on next stage steps and transitions back into the real world, we minimize the chances of a teen’s relapse through powerful connections among our staff, their peers, and alumni program participants.

Reach Out to Ascend Healthcare Today

If the Ascend values and our mission resonate with you, it might be time to reach out to our admissions team for more information. They can help you set up an evaluation for your child and discuss the best way to move forward with your particular situation. 

Visit us today and discover the personalized care we provide, the dedication we have for our clients, and the passion that pushes us towards improving the mental health of everyone at our facility. If you have any questions about the treatment programs we offer, call 310.388.3713 to speak to a mental health professional today.