PHP for Teens near Calabasas

Ascend offers an outpatient and PHP program for teens and families based in Agoura Hills to provide mental health support for clients of every gender between the ages of 12-17. In this program, we focus on providing all-inclusive day services for teens who need continuing care after residential treatment is complete. We recommend our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills to teens who need more support than periodic therapy sessions or IOP regimens. Learn more about our non-residential clinical programming for teens who are returning home or living in a transitional environment.

Treatment at Ascend

While we’re always expanding to ensure we can provide care for as many teens and their families as possible, our programs mainly provide short-term residential care for behavioral health concerns. Most clients stay with us between 45-90 days before moving forward with their treatment. Our PHP for teens near Calabasas is designed to complement our residential programs with the same tailored care in an outpatient setting.

We accept only a limited amount of clients into our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills at any one time to ensure our team can provide personalized care and attention to every client.

The Approach at Agoura Hills

In this partial hospitalization program, we utilize a trauma-informed, relationality-based clinical treatment model to blend individual, group, and family therapy. Clients will participate in several clinical modalities, including:

We have a team of master’s level therapists and doctors, as well as a psychiatrist, educator, and case manager, that collaborate on client care and work in tandem to design treatment plans.

Agoura Hills Program Features

Family therapy and parent education are an essential part of our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills. We also provide a variety of support services to ensure a strong foundation and high-quality care. These are some of the features of our program:

  • Weekly multi-family therapy sessions
  • Weekly family therapy, parenting with DBT, and parent process groups
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Client-only group therapy sessions
  • Psychiatry and medication management
  • Case management
  • Educational support

*Please note that 12-step programming is available, but we only implement it when a client is showing addictive behaviors.

Amenities At Agoura Hills

We want your experience with Ascend to be safe and nurturing, as well as healing and therapeutic. To ensure the comfort of teens and families who are admitted to our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills, we provide a variety of amenities for everyday use, including:

  • Private therapy offices
  • Group therapy room
  • Game room
  • Lounge spaces
  • Classroom with computers
  • Kitchen
  • Non-gendered bathrooms

Assessment & Conditions

Since we accept a limited number of clients who are struggling with behavioral issues and mental health concerns, we have a thorough admitting process to ensure we’re a good fit for your family. Typically, clients who enter our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills struggle with two or more mental health conditions, including:

Admission Into The Program

Anyone interested in our adolescent partial hospitalization program in Agoura Hills should reach out to our admissions team to begin the process. We’ll conduct an evaluation and assessment of various clinical factors to determine whether your teen will benefit from our program. Some of the assessments may include:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Biopsychosocial Assessment
  • Substance Use Assessment
  • Trauma Assessment 
  • Educational Assessment

If our Agoura Hills facility sounds like something that may support your family on their healing journey, please contact our team at 310.388.3713 today. You can also fill out our online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.