When someone in a family struggles with substance abuse or a mental health problem, he or she isn’t the only one who deals with it. These chronic disorders affect everyone in the family. For that reason, finding a teen treatment program that offers family therapy programming is essential. It treats not only the teen but also the other members of the family.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

a counselor sits with a mom, dad and teen girl in a family therapy programWhen people think of a teen residential treatment program, individual and group counseling typically come to mind first. While these are essential services, a family therapy program is just as crucial for recovery. In truth, family therapy is a type of group counseling. Unlike traditional support groups, though, everyone in family therapy is part of a family.

Of course, there are some cases in which people who aren’t direct family members participate in family therapy. However, they’re usually close friends or guardians of those who are struggling.

During family therapy, therapists meet with the teen and their family members. The goal of an effective family therapy program is to optimize family support in helping loved ones overcome substance abuse and mental health challenges.

At our family-based program, we provide intensive family therapy, support, and education to our clients. You will meet weekly with a therapist, either in person or via phone, to work on strengthening your family dynamic. Weekend family days offer parent and sibling support sessions as well as a multifamily group experience. We maintain that healing the family system creates the best long-term outcome. This process is central to the continued success and growth of our clients, even after they leave the program.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

The benefits of visiting a family counseling center are pretty amazing. Firstly, family therapy acts as a period of healing. It can help family members heal the wounds that the mental illness or substance abuse has caused. It includes improving communication between family members.

A family therapy program teaches family members about mental health disorder, process disorder, or drug use disorder. It’s not uncommon for them to misunderstand the disorder. Helping them see that it’s a disease rather than a lifestyle choice improves their understanding. It allows them to see the full struggle that their loved ones deal with.

Aftercare Planning and Family Therapy Go Hand-in-Hand

Aftercare planning is a great way for treatment centers to take their services to another level. Also, it’s an important part of family therapy. Part of aftercare planning often involves home visits to ensure that conflicts can be resolved in the home setting.

Planning for life after treatment is important because the challenges don’t end after your teen completes our program. The issues we treat here are chronic challenges that people continue to deal with on a regular basis. Aftercare planning prepares them for this struggle.

One way is by ensuring that they avoid triggers that could cause a relapse in youth or behavior. In fact, family conflicts are a possible trigger. This connection is why family counseling is so important.

Ascend Healthcare Knows the Importance of Family Therapy

Finding a family therapy program isn’t difficult. Finding one that is effective is a different story. At Ascend Healthcare, we know the important role that a family therapy program plays during recovery. For that reason, we provide a very strong family therapy program.

Of course, we’re more than just a family counseling center. Ascend Healthcare offers many other treatments and services to guide teens and their families on the right paths.

Don’t settle for a residential treatment center that doesn’t offer a family therapy program. Learn what to do if you or someone in your family struggles with mental illness, process disorders, or substance abuse. Reach out to Ascend Healthcare at 310.388.3713 to find out what it takes to achieve recovery.