Empowerment and self-esteem building is at the core of Ascend Healthcare’s teen treatment program model. Evidence-based therapies and educational support round out these approaches. It’s no surprise that so many teens benefit from our assistance.

Intake Professionals Provide an Individualized Evaluation

Like our therapeutic intervention, the teen treatment admissions process thrives on customization. One size never fits all. This is not only true for recovery in general, but also for working with adolescents. That’s why our intake experts evaluate each client.

We might request any past diagnoses you may have for your teen. If there’s a medical history, we would love to have a copy. Intake specialist staff members also ask for social history. We want to know as much as possible about your teen before even shaking their hands.

Why Do We Have Such a Detailed Admissions Process?

five teens with their heads in a circle smiling, teen treatment admissions processOur therapists believe in the creation of a custom-tailored therapy plan. Doing so ensures that your teen receives optimal care. Besides that, it allows our staff to support their return to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Once we work with your teen, they will see our board-certified medical doctor. A complete physical is a necessity to rule out any illnesses that might have to delay residential treatment. This enables us to put together a fitness protocol that works for your adolescent. Next, they see a board-certified psychiatrist.

Dealing with underlying mental health conditions is much more common than you might think. However, few adolescents actually have a diagnosis. Some have struggled with depression or anxiety for years, and nobody knew about it. By understanding whether this is an aspect of their profile, we can address it.

After the Admissions Process

Ascend Healthcare takes on your teen as a client. Next, we’ll do everything in our power to make the duration of treatment as productive as possible. Evidence-based treatments include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that turns around dysfunctional approaches and exchanges them for healthy ones
  • Family therapy, which welcomes you and other loved ones to create a supportive environment
  • Group therapy that leverages peer accountability for relapse prevention training
  • One-on-one talk therapy as a method for putting together healthy coping mechanisms and plans for the future

Our educational specialists will work with your adolescent on academics. An academic assessment is another part of the teen treatment admissions process.

Paying for Residential Treatment

Ascend Healthcare accepts a broad range of insurance plans. Part of the admissions process is an insurance verification. It’s quick and tells you what your individual policy covers. Many clients find out that their plans pay a lot toward their teen’s care.

Because we accept in-state and out-of-state adolescents, we work with more insurance plans than other facilities might. Therefore, it’s a great idea to request verification as soon as possible. The vast majority of our clients are covered by their insurance policies.

It’s Time to Get the Ball Rolling

The admissions process is intensive. However, it doesn’t take very long. Getting them into treatment is the best way to do this.

Don’t hesitate to call. Substance abuse isn’t just a phase. Academic problems can continue piling up. Proper mental health is a way of life.

Start the admissions process right now by contacting Ascend Healthcare at 310.388.3713.