At Ascend Healthcare, we devote ourselves to treating the substance abuse and mental health problems that are plaguing your child. The Ascend Approach is unlike any other, and we guarantee that when you entrust your child to us, you will be astounded by the change you see after treatment. 

The Ascend Approach relies on seven pillars. Let’s take a look at what they are. 

Build Self Acceptance

the ascend approach, four teens making peace sign taking a selfieBeing a teenager can be hard, and no one knows that more than your teen. When they enroll in our program, we will help your teen to accept themselves as we see them: as valuable, worthy people. We meet your child where they are and recognize their abilities and experiences. We encourage self-acceptance throughout the entire treatment approach. 

Become Honest and Vulnerable

The second pillar of the Ascend Approach is to value honesty and vulnerability as strengths, rather than weaknesses. We encourage our clients to be open with us throughout their treatment and incentivize this through our level system. We also help clients to work with honesty and vulnerability with the staff and their peers because that is where real growth occurs. 

Identify Values

Everyone has a different value system, so we will help your teen identify their values. Then, they can work toward goals in a meaningful direction while honoring those values. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps our clients understand what is relevant and significant to them. 

Take Action

Another critical part of the Ascend Approach is to help teens become aware of the connection between their actions and their mood. We interweave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy principles through our program to help your child understand how their actions impact their emotions every day. We invite every client to work on a “passion project” to help them make the connection between their sense of well-being and engaging in an enjoyable activity. They also follow a structured schedule every day, which helps them see the value of an action. They will create their own schedule before we send them home.  

Learn Distress Tolerance

We work with your teen to learn strategies to tolerate uncomfortable emotions because we know that discomfort is part of life. To do this, we teach distress tolerance through Dialectical Behavioral therapy, mindful practices, and body-based therapies. We know learning these tools will empower our clients to be confident in their ability to face these challenges in the future. 

Connect with Others

We know that connection is a core part of what we do, so connecting with others is a massive part of the Ascend Approach. Because teens that struggle with anxiety or depression often feel alone, we encourage our clients to work with the other students in the program. Our program is small, so your teen can ease back into socializing in a nonthreatening way. 

See the Ascend Approach in Action

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