Anyone can say that they’re the best. But at Ascend Healthcare, we want to know how we’re doing. As such, we have specific outcome measures to determine whether or not we are meeting our goals as a facility. We want to know whether or not we helped our clients become better versions of themselves. The feedback we get is vital to us as a facility. 

What Scales Do You Use?

teen with glasses smiling, outcome measuresBecause we are so interested in our efficacy, we chose four different scales to measure how we are doing. The first scale is the Academic Resilience Scale. This scale is a measure of how our students can bounce back in an academic context when they are in treatment and after they complete treatment. 

The second scale we utilize is the Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, developed by the University of Kansas. This scale measures the student’s noticed ability in believing that proficiency can grow with effort, and believing in their ability to meet goals and expectations. 

Our third scale is the Short Grit Scale developed by Angela Lee Duckworth. This scale projects the level of perseverance that our students have in levels of interest and effort. 

The final outcome measure we use is the Beck Depression Scale. This scale is rather self-explanatory, in that it measures the levels of depression that our students have. 

Why Use Four Scales for Outcome Measures?

We care about your child. We want them to get better. So if they become more depressed, less gritty, less self-able, and less resilient, we are not doing our job. However, if, after treatment, they become less depressed, more perseverant, more able, and more resilient, we know that our treatment has worked. We also know that your child will be able to get through whatever struggles life has in store for them. 

At Ascend Healthcare, we offer treatment for a variety of issues. Most of them fall under the categories of: 

If your child needs treatment for one or more of these issues, please contact us today. We want your child to get better, and we know you do too. If you want to learn more about us or our outcome measures, call us now at 310.388.3713 or click the link for the Contact Us page. This is your chance to start a brand new chapter in your child’s life.