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Family. Passion. Empowerment

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, Ascend Healthcare provides a 45-90 day program of residential treatment to teens with a focus on evidence-based therapies. The critical roles that family and empowerment play in a teen’s journey are crucial to maintaining his/her wellbeing. We offer comprehensive educational services so our teens are equipped with the necessary tools to last them well beyond their tenure at our facility. Among the many disorders that we treat are: substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Family – We are a family-based program providing intensive family therapy, support, and education. Families meet individually with a therapist on a weekly basis in-person, or via videoconferencing if need be, in order to work on inter-family relationships. Weekend family days offer a multifamily group experience and we help to empower our families with the necessary tools they need to support one another. This powerful process is central to our approach for continued change within the individual once home. A child returning to the same environment that manifested and/or maintained the issues is likely to relapse into the same issues. We feel that the best outcome is to heal the system as a whole.

Passion – “Strong and barely controllable emotion” – Oxford Dictionaries
At Ascend, we explore the passions of each teen and provide them with an avenue to develop a passion project while enrolled in treatment. Our goal is to help each client harness their passion in life into something rewarding and meaningful. This provides each teen with an opportunity to develop a positive coping skill and to express themselves in a creative way. Some passions we encourage are art, music production, recording, caring for animals, theater, and surfing. We explore with each teen what interrupts their flow with following through with the passions that bring them joy. We identify the voice of the internal critic that stifles their progress and offer support & encouragement and teach them to internalize a healthy voice.

Empowerment – We help teens to continue their passion projects and to use the valuable coping skills that they learn throughout their time in treatment. At Ascend we aim to empower each client to become aware of their emotions and to address them in a healthy way. We have a strong emphasis on discharge planning to help families transition to the next step successfully. Teens participate in creating a family plan to allow for everyone’s continued growth. We empower clients and families to stay connected to Ascend for follow up and alumni participation.

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